Custom versions of The BobbyJack can be designed to meet your specific needs.

In its original configuration, the BobbyJack will fit most beam sizes found in elevated piperack systems and will lift pipes up to 30” in diameter.

Custom versions can be quickly designed and fabricated to accommodate larger pipes, as well as:

Non-Standard Support Structures

  • Fireproofed Beams
  • Square Beams
  • Above Ground Stations
  • Other Configurations
Non-Typical Environments

  • Ultra-Low Temperatures
  • Areas Inaccessible to Cranes


Examples of Custom Designs

BobbyJack2 Zero Torque

The BobbyJack2 is a zero-torque model for use on light-weight beams which may be subject to twisting when a cantilevered load is applied.

Ground Level Concrete Pedestal Version

Above-ground stations for underground pipelines frequently employ this type support. Various other support configurations are employed in many of these stations and, given drawings or photos with dimensions, we can design accessories which will allow use of the standard BobbyJack Pipe Lift.

Adjustable Square Tube Beam Adapter

Square tube horizontal support members are widely used on Alaska’s North Slope. A number of companies are successfully using Adapters of this type with BobbyJacks in this environment where temperatures of –50 degrees F are not uncommon.

Deep Beam Long Arm

The model shown here was built to lift pipe resting on extra long pipe shoes installed on a 24 deep beam.



Reduce Costs. Maximize Productivity. Increase Safety.

Quick & Easy Installation
Quick & Easy Installation

The device can be installed by one person – the heaviest of the 4 main components weighs only 42 pounds.

Maintain Mechanical Integrity
Maintain Mechanical Integrity

Process piping failures are often caused by corrosion at pipework to pipe support contact points.

Safer Alternative
Safer Alternative

The BobbyJack is the safer alternative to a crane or other conventional rigging equipment.

Custom Versions Available
Custom Versions Available

Custom versions can be designed to accommodate other support structures and/or larger pipes.